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For the record:

Ellen DeGeneres and Todd Glass are extremely talented comics that I respect and enjoy.

Sometimes comics & writers come up with similar material, (and sometimes they don't)  After a conversation with Todd Glass, shortly after these aired (oddly the same week), we have concluded in our case, great minds do think alike.   I really hope Ellen calls.

This is actually a page from my “old” site, but I think people still find it interesting.

Great minds think alike?  

Todd Glass “Fight Bit”

Last Comic Standing


Jeff Capri “Fight Bit”

“Next Big Star”


Ellen “Bad Breath”


Jeff Capri “Bad Breath”

“Clean Comedy Club-Pilot”


Anonymous Responses

(Respond if you’d like and I will post it anonymously.

"Maybe they should rename the show, Last Comic Stealing!"

"Keep writing material worth "borrowing" because you are that kind of talented freak. God Bless!"


"Wow jeff!! just, wow! don't know WHAT to say OR think! Is it Great or is it Freakin' Sucky? !! at least your delivery's the best outta the 3, and i LOVE Ellen!"


"These bits are so true! As for coincidence or stolen, I don't know. But, what a way to claim your material. Love ya, you're a brilliant comic and a golden human being."

"Hope all is well outside your act being picked clean

by these no morals, corporate comics!!!!! In all seriousness, it is a little fishy, especially the Ellen one--very similar. I think the message here is that you are well on your way to your own talk show."

"That is awesome! I actually told A---- when we saw BOTH of those shows that that was your shit!"

"I hate when that happens... You think you're safe...telling your jokes at the local funnery...when lurking in the of the writers from the Ellen Show. And they're sitting at the same table as Todd Glass. I really hate that!"

"I'll say stolen on the Todd Glass thing and great minds think alike on the Ellen thing. Actually I heard Shecky Greene tell both of those jokes at the Comedy Store in 1979."

"A lot of work went into this. Check her staff of writers, I will tape the credits, and see who has ran out of there own act and is now on a fishing expedition, fuck Jeff, what it took to put his together just to show people. I'll hold, them you kick em. is Todd known for this? I don't know him do you? (dumb question, he knows you)."

"Nothing you can do. It just shows your on the right track."

"I watched all of them and I think that the Ellen thing is a coincidence the Todd thing, I'm not so sure. I also know that the "Does my breath smell like Taco's bit" is Sarah Silverman's. He did the bit before and prefaced it by saying that it was hers. I think he doesn't have all that much real material, but I also think he has moral sense of what is right and wrong comedy wise. My conclusion is that you are a very good writer."

"Wow Jeff, i've never seen it documented before. i knew the fight bit sounded familiar. But, you did do the bits much funnier than those guys."

(Respond if you’d like and I will post it anonymously.