That Skinny Mothafucka with the High Voice

Friday, April 22, 2016

Eye could tell U the story of the first time Eye heard Prince, and what it was like diggin’ another black artist while growing up in a conservative white environment….blah blah blah. Not going 2 do that 2 U. 

Here is why Prince will continue 2 bring me happiness and hopefully U 2.

Being a Prince “Fam” not a “fan” because Prince always said we were all “family” not fanatics which is what “fan” is short 4. Being a Fam means that U & Eye will always B part of an elite club that EVERYONE is invited 2. Thats right, elite and everyone! Special already. Makes me, and those who choose to participate happy.

(Go hear “The Rainbow Children”) 

From high school 2 today, getting to meet other Fams, discussing Prince, and his music, has enabled me 2 connect and make solid friendships with countless people of all ethnicities and colors all over the world. That is special, it will continue, and that makes me happy. 

(Go hear “Race”)

If you didn’t know, Prince released at least one full album every year since 1978! Do the math if you want, I have them all…and then some. (Bootlegs are a whole other discussion) Eye jumped on the purple bandwagon in 1983, and never looked back. Each album of his has become a musical reference 4 each representative year since. (Oh, yeah, and it fu*king JAMS!) 

While Eye listen 2 extensive amounts of different music. P has and will always have the highest rotation of my collection. (Yeah, some of us Fams after a while, sometime refer to Prince as “P”)  

Eye can choose ANY Prince album, that will take me though sort of a musical diary of that particular time in my life so far. (Oh, yeah and it JAMS!) So if it has to be sad, this is where it would be for obvious reasons.  So special to me, because his music will continue 2 make me remember things that make/made me happy.  

(I made great effort not to write “the soundtrack of my life” )

Plenty has been said about how good he was/is as a musician, songwriter, performer, etc, etc.  Untouchable doesn’t cover it. I don’t need 2 read any of that. I already know, and “Eye No” 

(Go hear “Eye No”) 

Feels ok 2 brag a bit now. Eye saw him live numerous times. Huge stadium shows, after parties, sound checks, special random appearances, TV tapings, (Where he would often play extra long after the  tapings 4 us Fams.) 

Eye was even lucky enough 2 C a late night (3am) show at Paisley Park Studios (only 100 or so of us) where he went directly from shredding it up on guitar, jumping off stage, to finding myself about 6 feet away from him on the dance floor. As he strutted his way  through the small crowd to on his way to adjusting the sound in the back of the room, there was a short moment as he crossed the dance floor where I could have introduce myself. It didn’t feel correct. The experience was already too cool. There was eye contact, and that was extra special. 

His symbol d that myself, and many others have made fun of through the years, is also one of the coolest logos/symbols ever.  The d symbol has been around me in many forms, the pin I’m wearing right now in tribute, t-shirts, stickers, hats, etc. I still have a huge poster of d up on my wall right next 2 my vintage Beatles posters. Whenever I C it, it is cool as the other side of the pillow.  I know if I see “d” out in the world anywhere, whoever is flying it, is most likely friendly, cool, fun and open.  2 me, it represents amazing music, diversity, coolness, good taste, fun, sexuality, purple, and funky 2 the core. If Eye were ever 2 B tattooed, yet unlikely, it would B that symbol in one shape or another.  (Go hear “Cool as the Other Side of the Pillow.”)

Probably the most special, is that I’ve been favorably charmed with seeing him alongside of the many people over the years who have been and are still close 2 me. Each experience has been individually special (understated: KILLER! and AMAZING!) and will provide years of conversations, and more good feelings with the people I love. 

Now Eye could go on and on about the music, but hey, Eye think we’d all rather just listen. I will say this, if U R solely a fan of “the hits” let me encourage U 2 go deeper.  U will not B disappointed. Prince always said, “I’m not interested in what U know, but what U R willing 2 learn.”  (Go hear the boot “Whole Lotta Love 4 Paris” U will get both.)

Eye feel lucky 2 have been in the NPGMC both literally and metaphorically.

As deep as my collection is, there is always something of his I haven’t heard yet…so:

for me, “It A’int Over!”   

Peace & Be Wild Prince! 

Love,  Jeff

P.S.Go hear the bonus disc “It A’int Over!”)